Hi curious visitor,

Welcome to my personal online ceramic art gallery!

I’m a young artist who loves to work with porcelain, glaze, colours and clay. Who loves to create and express my creativity with my own hands. During daytime I lead a digital experience master team in the Digital Transformation department of a big insurance company in Belgium. I adore my job and life but at night I destress with my hands instead of my brain by building clay sculptures.

My inspiration comes on the moment that I take the material in my hands. I have to feel it, to knead it. It happens sometimes when I start creating a new piece with an idea of how it should look like in mind, however it ends up being a completely different art piece. It’s a spontaneous experience. Each piece is a surprise.

What I try to express in my work is fun, the love for this life, for the people who surround me and for nature. So, I hope I can make someone else happy whith it. The factors which inspire me are the variety of cultures I’ve seen, the countries I’ve visited, my family, my emotions, the weather, my past, my present and my future.

My brother Jo Caimo is a professional artist who tries to find his way in a world which is not that evident these days. I know how hard he has to fight for his own ideals and to survive in a fast changing world where everything is about making more profits, even art. And that while we only will remember the culture later in the future in the form of ceramics, books, clothes, music, paintings and all other forms of art. To obtain this kind of artistic freedom, he has te be very strong to go his own way.

Without wanting to be elitarian or too intellectual, the only thing I try to achieve with my work is my own blossoming and evaporation, but in the meantime I also hope I can make you smile with the art pieces I make. Enjoy!